The Value of Joining ASQ Section 1313

Free Monthly Section 1313 Membership Meetings

  • Professional Development: Feed your brain 12 times a year with engaging speakers on a variety of industries and topics.
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet local members in a casual social setting complete with food, drink, and stimulating conversation. We can not say enough about the value of networking.

Certification Refresher Courses

For over 20 years the ASQ Boulder Section 1313 has served members seeking ASQ Certification with educational programs and support aimed at helping members prepare for and achieve the coveted certification. During this time, more than 250 members have attended courses and we are proud to have contributed to the success of so many Quality Professionals.

Job Connection

If you have not had the experience of looking for a job in today’s volatile marketplace consider yourself lucky, but in danger. Lucky because you have a job and haven’t had to face the challenges presented to today’s job seekers. In danger because you could be a job seeker at any time and you’re probably not prepared to face the challenges that await. Don’t wait until you are a job seeker to check out the career section. Visit it today and often to browse for our ever-changing listing of positions specifically targeted towards Quality Professionals like you.

Become an ASQ Mentor

If you are a Regular, Senior, or Fellow ASQ Member, we are looking for you to become an ASQ Mentor. As a continuous improvement process, we would like you to take a Student, or another ASQ Member that wants to be guided, and take them under your wing. Show them all of the ASQ membership opportunities and take them to a monthly meeting and let them start their networking process. Show them how to get registered in a certification course that can advance their career and gain knowledge. Endeavor to show our ASQ brothers and sisters that we do care and are willing to help them.

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