ASQ Boulder 2018 Officers

Chairperson: Steve Reischel, 720-890-2358

Vice Chair: Joe Wojniak, 970-619-9395

Secretary: Mark Norby 303-884-4783

Treasurer: Caroline Corwine, 303-912-7327

Newsletter Co-Editor: Bill Dunford, 720-340-0454

Newsletter Co-Editor/Re-Certification: Gerry Naugle, 303-591-2830

Financial Auditing: Gerry Naugle, 303-591-2830

Publicity: open position

Voice of Customer: open position

Internet & On-Line: Arnold Miller, 303-868-4807

Education/Nominating: Dan Clark, 720-326-8240

Programs: open position

Membership: open position

Metrics: open position

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Mailing Address:
ASQ Boulder Section 1313
P.O. Box 3783
Boulder, CO  80307-3783

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