About ASQ

 ASQ is:

  • A global community of the best quality resources and experts in all fields, organizations, and industries.
  • People passionate about quality.
  • Bringing together the people, ideas, and tools that make our world work better.
  • Professional development, credentials, knowledge and information services, membership community, and advocacy.

ASQ History:

ASQ has been at the forefront of the quality movement for more than 65 years.

ASQ traces its beginnings to the end of World War II, as quality experts and manufacturers sought ways to sustain the many quality-improvement techniques used during wartime. ASQ has played a crucial role in upholding these standards from the past while, at the same time, championing continued innovation in the field of quality.

By the end of the 1970s, the principles of quality had greatly influenced manufacturing and other industrial processes, by focusing attention on how products and services could define and meet technical specifications. Businesses typically established a quality-control department to ensure specifications were met.

In the 1980s, ASQ members began to see how quality could be applied beyond the world of manufacturing. Quality, they realized, could make a difference in any organization and touch every person in it. Quality began to blossom into a much broader discipline aimed at leading, inspiring, and managing a broad range of businesses and activities, always with a focus on excellence.

Today, ASQ has become a global organization, with members in more than 140 countries. ASQ now has service centers in Mexico, China, and India, and has established strategic alliances with numerous organizations to promote ASQ products and training. A rich history and bright future; we are ASQ, the Global Voice of Quality™.

ASQ Boulder is:

240 current members comprised of:
4 Students
14 Associates
95 Full-Times
124 Seniors
3 Fellows

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