MasterMind Leadershift Class – Fall 2019

Class Info:

  • Leadership class, a MasterMind based on John Maxwell’s recently released book “Leadershift.”
  • Ten weeks discussing how to implement the changes every leader must make to shift our leadership higher.
  • Although based on the book, this is not a book study.
  • Emphasis will be on implementing the ideas, not studying them.
  • The MasterMind format allows us to build on the ideas of others, creating better solutions than any of us can alone.
  • This is virtual MasterMind, allowing people to participate by Skype or Conference Call.
  • Limited to 12 people
  • Start on Wednesday, 2 October, at 6:00 P.M. (MDT) for ten weeks (skipping Thanksgiving Week).
  • The MasterMind fee is only $249, but participants will need to buy their own book.

Register and more information at

Instructor: Art Bierschbach

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