CareerWise Quality Technician BoK update

Company: CareerWise a Colorado Base company that uses modern youth apprentice method
that provides students with:

  • Meaningful work experience
  • A nationally-recognized industry certification
  • A professional network
  • The opportunity to earn debt-free college credit

And provides businesses with:

  • A positive ROI based on the value of apprentices’ work
  • Reduced turnover costs
  • A talent pipeline of skilled and loyal workers

Info: CareerWise is currently revising the materials for their Advance Manufacturing’s Quality Control Technician apprenticeships.

In this process, CareerWise rely on the input of subject matter experts to verify that our materials are accurate and up-to-date.

These efforts are crucial to the overall success of our initiative.

They ensure that QC (Quality Control) apprentices develop the skills that manufacturers need and that their skills will be transferable throughout the industry.
There are two options to participate:

  • A video conference with other quality control subject matter experts from 7:30-9:30 AM on Wednesday 9/25.
  • If that time slot does not work, there is also do a shorter one-on-one video conference at a time and day that is more convenient (ideally prior to 9/30).

If interested, please contact Andrew Palmer (

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