Auditors at Platinum Registration in Denver CO

Company: Platinum Registration

Location: 720 South Colorado Blvd., Penthouse North, Denver, CO

Title: ISO 9001 and 9100 Auditors

Looking for contract 9001 auditor (9001 and 9100 would be great) who speaks Spanish.

  • Supplemental your income. Over time, audit days can be built up to a desired capacity.
  • Flexible for travel and having a broad base of industry experience increases opportunities for audit assignment.
  • Personal skills and loyalty are paramount.
  • We expect all auditors to work with courtesy and integrity.
  • Auditors must operate as part of our team and fit in with established processes and methods.

For more information and to apply contact:

Melody Sands, Staff Auditor, Platinum Registration,

We'd love it if you would share. It's totally up to you though.