Sec 1302 Online ASQ Certification Prep Courses Spring 2019

ASQ Section 1302 (Nebraska): ONLINE (Instructor-led) ASQ Certification Prep Courses:

  • CMQ/QE: 8 weeks, Cost: $400, Enroll: 25 Feb, Start: 4 Mar, End: 28 Apr
  • CQT: 8 weeks, Cost: $400, Enroll: 25 Feb, Start: 4 Mar, End: 28 Apr
  • CQE: 14 weeks, Cost: $500, Enroll: 25 Feb, Start: 4 Mar, End: 9 Jun
  • CSSBB: 14 weeks, Cost: $600, Enroll: 25 Mar, Start: 1 Apr, End: 30 Jun
  • CQA: 8 weeks, Cost: $400, Enroll: 1 Apr, Start: 8 Apr, End: 2 Jun

Register for classes at:

Register for ASQ Computer Based Testing at:


  • Attend an Online, virtual, Prep course and prepare for the exam
  • Courses are led by instructors and provide opportunity for interaction with other students and the instructor
  • No need to travel to a central location or another city for multiple weeks
  • No need to lose time from work
  • No need to lose family time

What to Expect

  • Weekly readings from the primer, handbook, test samples, and articles pertinent to exam
  • Weekly homework modeled after exam questions.
  • Weekly Discussion Board: Communicate & interact with your instructor and your classmates
  • Videos that reinforce learning course concepts and the Exam body of knowledge
  • Opportunity to simulate the exam: A sample version of a mock exam will be available so you can practice taking the test under timed setting.
  • You must order and pay for the required Primer and other required course resources. Links and approximate cost are available at the website (shown below) . Allow 5-7 days for delivery.
  • Re-certification Units (RU) = 2.0 upon successful completion of 8 week course
    and 3.0 upon successful completion of 14 week course. Signed certificate will be emailed.
  • Weekly Google Hangouts with instructor: optional video conferencing to ask any questions you may have.

For information see Course Flyer

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