SSD Global Leaner Six Sigma Workshops Sep, Oct 2018

SSD Global: Global Leaner Six Sigma Workshops 

Lean Six Sigma is an Elegant Problem Solving Methodology that leverages team effort to improve performance by removing waste and variation.

Lean Six Sigma consists of five phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

  • Make More Money: Our Greent Belts earn $20-$30K more per year after graduation.
  • Maximize Efficiency:  Six Sigma’s focus on reducing defects means you become more efficient.
  • Improve Your Job and Life: Problem-solving and critical thinking skills learned in this class will improve your job & personal life.
  • Get Credit for Your Contributions: Get credit for the work you have contributed by learning how to document your ROI.

Workshop: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Cost $2750

  • Week of 24 Sep 2018 or Week of 29 Oct 2018

Workshop: Six Sigma Black Belt, Cost $4750

  • Week of 24 Sep 2018 or Week of 29 Oct 2018

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