Apr 2018 Member Gift Bundle: ISO AND Auditing

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Apr 2018 Member Gift Bundle: ISO AND Auditing


Whether it is internal operations, ISO 9000 compliance, or supplier management, auditing plays a key role in ensuring systems are not only optimized for meeting output goals, but also improving to stay competitive in the marketplace and innovative when delivering on customer needs.

Toward these ends, we are sharing resources on auditing for ISO 9000 and beyond, including auditing and ISO 9001 videos, new webcasts, a complete free e-book on ISO 9001:2018, as well as additional articles, tools, and templates.

We hope this gift bundle prepares you for ISO 9001 transition and your next continuous improvement challenge.

Complete E-Books and Webcasts

Cracking the Case of ISO 9001:2015 for Manufacturing, 3rd Edition e-book (PDF, 298 pp)

This guide helps you participate in creating and sustaining a foundation of integrity, meet requirements and customer expectations, and support robust processes, to the advantage of everyone in the organization and to each of its customers.

It provides a simplified explanation of the clauses of ISO 9001:2015, including:

  • What’s required
  • Why to do it
  • Implementation tips
  • Questions to ask to assess conformity

Also included is a chapter that summarizes the key differences with past editions of ISO 9001.

Bonus – ISO 19011 – The Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems is Changing – Who Cares? (Webex or MP4 37 min)

Denise Robitaille, the chair of the ISO/PC302 – the project committee for the update to the ISO 19011:2018 guidelines for auditing management systems – shares the major changes you can expect to see in the upcoming revision and why you and your organization should not only care, but prepare for it.

Bonus – Webcasts on Auditing and ISO

  • Advanced Quality Auditing Webcast (MP4, 64 min – Download slides, PDF)
  • Improving Your QMS Webcast (WebEx or MP4, 35 min)
  • The Art of Integrating Strategic Planning, Process Metrics, Risk Mitigation, and Auditing (WebEx or MP4, 26 min – Download slides, PDF)
  • Auditing Basics (WebEx or MP4, 54 min)
  • Auditing Process-Based Quality Management Systems (WebEx, 126 min)


ASQTV: Videos

ISO 9000 and Audits 

This episode explores the ISO 9001 series, audits, and how you can prepare for both.

The Ins and Outs of Quality Auditing

Auditing expert and ASQ Fellow Dennis Arter shares tips and advice for auditors and auditees.

Transitioning: Advantages, Expected Investment, and Advice

Robert Freeman discusses transitioning to ISO 9001:2015, including advantages, expected time and money investments.

Standards and Auditing

Learn how to identify, categorize and act on risks – vital skills for organizations transitioning to ISO 9001:2015. Also learn how audits can be conducted virtually.

Auditing Checklist and Templates

How to Audit ISO 9001:2015 – A Handbook for Auditors (Appendix)

Like many of ASQ’s Quality Press books, this new handbook for auditors contains appendices with great bonus resources:

  • Assessment Reports
  • Audit Plans
  • Opening Meeting Checklist
  •  Risk Sampling Sheet
  • Audit Reports
  • Process Analysis Worksheet
  • Confidential Assessment report
  • Opportunities for Improvement Worksheet
  • Corrective Action Request
  • Closing Meeting Checklist

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