Mar 2018 Member Gift Bundle: Culture, Change and Leadership

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Mar 2018 Member Gift Bundle: Culture, Change and Leadership


  • The winds are changing and organizations are feeling the pressure to adjust to the onslaught of new technologies, higher customer expectations, and global competition.
  • Leaders and managers who are implementing change, whether it’s to lead a Lean Six Sigma project or transition to ISO 9001:2015, are realizing that creating a true culture of quality is the only way to stay competitive.
  • To help you as a quality leader and change agent within your organization, we’ve gathered a series of free full eBooks, expert webcasts and videos, and articles addressing various challenges and solutions.
  • Enjoy this gift of resources and let us know how else we can help.
  • Looking for ways to earn Recertification Units? Viewing all the webcasts in this month’s member gift equal approximately 6.0 hours (or 0.6 RUs)* of Home Study activity under Courses. Visit for details.

E-Books and Author Guide

Making Change in Complex Organizations Free E-Book (PDF, 142 pp)

  • This highly praised and popular book is written for the leader or management team of any complex organization attempting to lead an organization-wide change.
  • It captures the lessons learned during more than 43 years of experience working in complex, large-scale organizations.
  • These lessons learned are shared in the hope that it will help others lead change successfully and avoid at least some of the pitfalls that come with it.

Bonus – Author Guide Webcast (WebEx, 56min)

  • George Strodtbeck shares his “transformation management machine,” a process leveraging S-curves, the Kano model, and project management to successfully implement real change.

The Executive Guide to Improvement and Change Free E-Book (PDF, 272 pp)

  • This classic guide covers a variety of techniques ranging from auditing to teamwork, Six Sigma to Customer Satisfaction, and more.
  • The book will assist executives and managers lead improvement and change initiatives within the organization and the larger business community, as well as educate those who aspire to senior positions of leadership.

Bonus – Author Guide Webcast (WebEx, 35min)

  • Grace Duffy walks you through the framework and key takeaways from the book, including a discussion on initiating change, the many paths to implementation, and tips for measuring and evaluating improvement.

Behavior Based Quality and How to Get There (WebEx, 54 min)

  • Arron Angle, the managing director of Qualnomics Consulting, introduces us to Behavior-Based Quality, or BBQ, and provides a fun and memorable twist to a potentially powerful quality practice that could transform your organization into a true Culture of Quality.

Bonus – Implementation Checklist (WebEx, 41min)

  • Arron Angle, the creator of the BBQ framework, guides you through the process of how to effectively implement a culture of quality.

How to Create a Responsibility Culture (WebEx, 34 min)

  • In this webcast sponsored by the ASQ Journal for Quality and Participation, Randy Spitzer shares how to create a responsibility culture in your organization.

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