Feb 2018 Member Gift Bundle: Lean and Six Sigma


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Feb 2018 Member Gift Bundle: Lean and Six Sigma

This month we share a wealth of resources, both evergreen and new, on understanding and applying Six Sigma and lean methodologies and tools.

Included are two full e-books, ASQTV presentations, classic webcasts and webinars, and a comprehensive list of articles and case studies on how these concepts are applied today.

To further your learning on these topics, we’ve also included a list of books, courses, and upcoming events where you can get access to practitioners, instructors, and experts in Six Sigma. Enjoy!


Six Sigma for the New Millennium (PDF, 456 pp)

This book follows the nine sections of a previous CSSBB the Body of Knowledge, from enterprise-wide deployment, organizational process management and measures, and team management, to detailed coverage of each stage of the DMAIC process.

The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook, Second Edition (PDF, 705 pp)

This handbook based on a previous CSSBB the Body of Knowledge is a valuable Six Sigma reference for the quality and Six Sigma professional.

The authors have expanded the appendices section to include:

  • Statistical tables completely redeveloped using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Minitab 15
  • A table for control constants expanded to now include virtually all control constants
  • Tables for both cumulative and noncumulative forms of the most useful distributions, including binomial, Poisson, and normal
  • Additional alpha values in tables
  • An expanded glossary, with more terms relating to lean
  • A second glossary of the most common Japanese terms used by quality and Six Sigma professionals.

ASQTV: Six Sigma Channel

The following collection of ASQTV episodes share different applications of lean and Six Sigma in various industries.


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