Dec 2017 Member Gift Bundle: Year-end Recap

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Dec 2017 Member Gift Bundle: Year-end Recap

Our annual recap gift bundle continues to be a popular bonus for members, so
we are offering it again this year.

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Nov 2017: Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Quality

  • 5 New Exclusive Webcast Introductions to Disruptive Technologies (all in WebEx, MP4, MP3, and PPT)
  • Free, never before shared e-book! Innovation Never Stops: Innovation Generation – The Culture, Process, and Strategy (PDF, 268 pp.)
  • Nearly a dozen new articles and case studies on disruptive technologies
  • Bonus innovation self-assessment tool

Oct 2017: Statistical Sampling and Inspection

  • Integrating Inspection Management Into Your Quality Improvement System (PDF, 168 pp.)
    The Desk Reference of Statistical Quality Methods, Second Edition (PDF, 560 pp.)
  • How to Perform Continuous Sampling, Second Edition (PDF, 77 pp.)
  • Essential Quality Tools: Statistical Sampling and Sample Size Determination (Webcast, 28 min.)
  • ASQTV CEO Interview: Measuring and Inspecting Leads to Consistent Growth
  • Inspection Division Webcast – Characteristics of the Successful Quality Technician
  • Articles on inspection and sampling

Sep 2017: Root Cause Analysis

  • The ASQ Pocket Guide to Root Cause Analysis E-book (PDF, 136 pp.)
  • Get the Defects Out of Root Cause Analysis (Webcast, 49 min.)
  • Solution Analysis-Root Cause Analysis Webcast (Webcast, 19 min.)
  • ASQTV Videos on Root Cause Analysis
  • Additional articles and case studies on root cause analysis

Aug 2017: Performance Measurement

  • Actionable Performance Measurement E-book (PDF, 296 pp.)
  • Magic Rulers: A Guide to Maximizing Business Performance Through Metrics (Webcast, 40 min.)
  • ASQ Global State of Quality Research 2: KPIs Key to Successful Supply Chain Case study (PDF, 6 pp.)
  • Additional articles, case studies, and tutorials on performance metrics

Jul 2017: Organizational and 8D Problem-Solving 

  • Introduction to 8D Problem-solving: Including Practical Applications and Examples Mega E-book Sampler
  • Outcomes, Performance, Structure: Three Keys to Organizational Excellence E-book(PDF, 112 pp.)
  • Introduction to 8D Problem Solving (Webcast, 31 min.) and Solution Analysis: Problem Solving (Webcast, 22 min.)
  • Contact Zone, Volkswagen Argentina-Córdoba Plant Case Study (Video, 52 min.)
  • Additional case studies and articles on problem-solving methods

Jun 2017: Change Management

  • Multiple Webcasts + bonus MP3 versions for download:
  • The Magic of Self-Directed Work Teams: A Case Study in Courage and Culture Change E-book (PDF 120 pp.)
  • 12 articles and case studies on change management

May 2017: Integrated Management Systems and Total Quality Management

  • Integrating Management Systems (ASQTV, 4 min.)
  • Integrated Management Systems E-book (PDF, 216 pp.)
  • The Case for EHSQ Integrated Management Systems (Webcast, 31 min.) and An Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM) (Webcast, 21 min.)
  • The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook, Third Edition (PDF, 722 pp.)
  • Bonus webcasts and resources

Apr 2017: Advanced Quality Auditing Techniques

  • Advanced Quality Auditing (Webcast, 1 hr. 4 min.) and Improving Your Quality Management System (Webcast, 35 min.)
  • Auditing Beyond Compliance E-book (PDF, 110 pp.)
  • 28 downloadable templates for auditing ISO 9001:2015 and conducting internal audits
  • Additional articles and resources

Mar 2017: Creating a Lean Culture

  • The Joy of Lean (Webcast, 48 min) and Lean Acres (Webcast, 45 min.)
  • Lean Acres: A Tale of Strategic Innovation and Improvement in a Farm-iliar Setting E-book (PDF, 224 pp.)
  • Articles, case studies, videos and webinars on creating a lean culture

Feb 2017: Kaizen Tools 

  • Intro to Kaizen Kanban (Webcast 40 min) and Modular Kaizen (Webcast, 44 min.)
  • Modular Kaizen: Continuous and Breakthrough Improvement E-book (PDF, 224 pp.)
  • Case studies, articles, and a roadmap to kaizen

Jan 2017: Career Building Resources

  • Choosing the Right Path to Career Success (Webcast, 25 min.)
  • Quality Progress Salary Calculator
  • Three FREE E-Books on Team, Process, and Innovation!
  • Resources on becoming more marketable and valued

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