Associate Contract ISO Auditors at Cavendish Scott in Denver CO

Company: Cavendish Scott Inc.

Location: 984 S Vine St., Denver, CO

Summary : Associate/Contract ISO Auditors


  • Cavendish Scott is interested in establishing good relationships with professional, reliable and trustworthy professional auditors.
  • We need help to cope with fluctuations that occasionally occur in our business and can sometimes provide more consistent assignments.
  • Ideally you would be a current auditing contractor, with an established workload of audits and are wishing to supplement that.
  • Ideally your focus would be on auditing so that you have a clear development goal, and would not be consulting in ISO implementation or at least not significantly.
  • We consider this to present a potential conflict although its not insurmountable.
  • You should like travel because that is one of our most difficult situations that we have to address.
  • You should probably have an IRCA or EG auditor card – or an equivalent independent way of demonstrating your competency and professionalism.
  • Personality and loyalty are paramount.
  • You have to operate as part of a team and fit in with our established processes and methods.


  • To apply please briefly email us and tell us why you are right for the position.
    Some of the technical requirements for the job are important but personality and overall ability are probably better things to convince us of.
  • Let’s keep it to 10 email lines (about 300 words).
  • No resumes, no application forms. We’ll see where it goes from there.


For more information and to apply see Cavendish Scott, Inc job page

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